Villa Ecologica - a house of encouters at the gates of Heidelberg

Warm welcome! We invite you to have a nice time with us at our Villa!

With its warm wooden design, it is a very special house - a house of friendship and encouters. Located between the Neckar and the forest, surrounded by castles - you are in 2 minutes at the train station and in 15 minutes with the S-Bahn in Heidelberg's old town. The villa offers fresh air and tranquility near the forest. We show consideration for each other and for our neighbors. We keep the quiet times and enjoy the magic of the place.

Would you like to live with us for a while - in Neckarsteinach and Heidelberg?
Let's get to know.
We welcome friends and interesting people from all over the world. We invite you - to a crime dinner, a game, a day by the river, in the forest, in the footsteps of knights and revolutionaries, sagas and myths of the Odenwald.

Would you like to stay for your own for a while?
No problem.
We are also happy to make the house available to you exclusively: with all the comforts, the best equipment, full service, flat-rate and transparent. We conclude a fixed-term rental agreement. You come and pay for what you use every day. You can stay or cancel the rental agreement, whenever you want. Advertised from six months - very flexible in practice. Talk to us, we will come to an agreement.

Please note our current information on the CORONA crisis. Please bring a current vaccination certificate and a negative test with you when you arrive.
Please contact us. We are happy to get in contact!

The villa offers three apartments. Each one has its very own character - and each one is endowed with a lot of love: 8 bedrooms with 4 bathrooms offer privacy and tranquility. 3 common rooms with the special charm of a log house invite you to cook and enjoy together. The house is equipped with three kitchens including a coffee machine for coffee beans, induction hob, oven, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher and the usual kitchen appliances.

Let's enjoy the starry sky in the evening, the crackling cosiness of the two stoves. We invite you to celebrate the greatness of life.

Life is grand!