About us

We are happy to welcome you here in Neckarsteinach!
To make your stay as enjoyable as possible for you, for us and our neighbors,
we have put together some important information below.

Current information on the Cornona crisis

Until the end of November 2020, overnight offers are "only permitted for necessary purposes". The current Corona regulations for Hesse can be found at https://www.hessen.de/sites/default/files/media/cokobev_stand_02.11.pdf. Please also note the official information, how to apply these rules.

Please note that we currently have to collect the contact details of all guests "to enable the tracking of infections while observing the data protection regulations". Please therefore carefully fill out the questionnaire in the online check-in. You will receive the link for this from us in advance by email.

Please note the general hygiene and distance rules, cf.  https://www.infektionsschutz.de/fileadmin/infektionsschutz.de/Bilder/Infografiken/vorschau_hygienetipps.png, as well as the the WHO recommandations .

Please note the quarantine obligation if you are entering from countries outside Germany that the RKI classifies as a risk area, cf. https://www.rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/N/Neuartiges_Coronavirus/Risikogebiete_neu.html.

Please also note the current limits for meetings in private rooms. Until November 15th, 2020 and depending on the respective epidemiological situation, the Bergstraße district limits private gatherings in public and rented rooms as well as outdoors to a maximum of 5 people or two households per room, cf. General decree of the district.  There are exceptions for professional puposes. Information on the infection intensity can be found at the Robert Koch Institute at: https://corona.rki.de.


ABC of Villa Ecologica

Account connection

Maria Ruch, IBAN DE23 5001 0517 5421 6230 12, BIC INGDDEFFXXX


see https://villaecologica.bookingturbo.com/de/termsOfUse


The apartments in the basement and attic as well as the winter garden on the ground floor (from 11/2020) each have a fireplace. You are welcome to use the fireplaces with suitable wood. Please bring the cooled ash into the residual or organic waste in the garden after using. You'll find it at the bottom left of the house. You are welcome to buy wood from us. The wood is next to the chimneys or in front of the garage. Please book the additional option 'firewood' in your personal house app or just let us know.

Fire protection

Please avoid any open fire outside the stoves and barbecue in the garden.
Candlelight ONLY under supervision! SMOKING is FORBIDDEN in all rooms!

Health care

  • Hospital Eberbach, Scheuerbergstraße 3, 69412 Eberbach, Tel. 06271 830
  • Family doctor: Praxis Dr. Freund, Hauptstraße 15, 69434 Hirschhorn, Tel. 06272 1484
  • Dentist: Praxis Dr. Schmitz, Hauptstraße 13, 69434 Hirschhorn, Tel. 06272 1588
  • Pharmacy in Hirschhorn, Hauptstr. 15, 69434 Hirschhorn, Tel. 06272/13 17
  • Pharmacy in Neckarsteinach, Hauptstraße 12A, 69239 Neckarsteinach, Tel. 06229 444


Upon arrival, you will find the apartment keys in the key box. The key box can be found in the washroom behind the entrance door mounted on the right side of the wall. You will receive the numerical code from us. Additionally, you find it in your mobile app before and during your stay. Upon departure, please leave the key in the house, NOT in the door.

Please DO NOT put the key in the entrance door from the inside!


For loading and unloading you can park on the property.

Otherwise, please use public parking near cemetery (100 m down the street) or on the railway station. You will find the parking lot at the cemetery on the right hand side, if you drive in over the bridge to Neckarhausen.

Rest periods

Please, comply with the statutory rest periods. Avoid noise especially in the garden, on balconies and windows to our neighbors at least between 22:00 and 7:00 and all day on Sundays and public holidays! Please allow children and adults in the house and the neighborhood to sleep in time, especially at school and on weekdays!


  • You will find EDEKA und NETTO in Neckarsteinach, Industriestraße 7.
  • LIDL und DM in Neckargemünd, Kurpfalzstr. 32.
  • KAUFLAND and others in Eberbach, Neuer Weg-Nord 47.

Terms of Use

see https://villaecologica.bookingturbo.com/de/termsOfUse


The S-Bahn S1 and S2 run every 30 minutes to Neckarsteinach / Heidelberg / Mannheim and to Hirschhorn / Eberbach / Mosbach / Osterburken (6:00-24:00).

The train station is about 800 meters from the villa. Go in the direction of Neckar and B37. The trains to Heidelberg go on "this" side, the mountain side of the station. The trains to Eberbach go on "the other side", the river side of the station. The station is called "Neckarhausen bei Neckarsteinach".


Each apartment is equipped with a TV. Please note on the ground floor, turn on the TV with the switch in the wall right below the TV.


Please help to separate garbage properly!

1) BIO waste and leftovers belong in the GREEN garbage bags (recyclable) . You will find them in every kitchen. In the garden please fill BIO waste into the small BROWN cask. Please only put food scraps, BIO waste and the green recycle bags in the BIO waste.

2) Please collect paper separately and place it in the GREEN dustbin in the garden.

3) Please collect packaging in YELLOW bags. You will find them in every kitchen. In the garden, please collect the bags nearby the bio bin. Please place ONLY plastic packaging with the green dot icon in the YELLOW bin.

4) Please collect residual waste in the other rubbish bins. You will find them in every bathroom and in the garden. In the garden, please fill the packaging with the small BLACK ton. Please do not put paper, organic waste or packaging into the trash.

The garbage cans in the garden can be found in the boxes at the washing room.


In each apartment there is a DEVOLO wireless repeater. For the middle apartment of the wireless router in the hallway. Please plug the repeater into a socket. Please wait until the green light stays on. The network is called VillaEcologica. The KW is SchoenWieAufWolke7.


We take care of each other and our neighbors.

Please, comply with the statutory rest periods. Avoid noise especially in the garden, on balconies and windows to our neighbors at least between 22:00 and 7:00 and all day on Sundays and public holidays! Please allow children and adults in the house and the neighborhood to sleep in time, especially at school and on weekdays!

Please reserve the private parking in front of the garage or park in the public car park (100 meters down the street). Please do NOT park on neighbours property!

In the whole house may NOT be smoked! Open fire please ONLY in the stoves!